Thursday, August 11, 2011

The colour brown

Created this little illustration some time ago, I was obviously into primary colours then.
It formed part of a more complex narrative on the intricacies of BIM implementation.
I will not go there today.
A couple of days ago when I looked at this picture with eyes anew, it struck me how appropriate my choice of colour had been at the time:

Blue for BIM. Clean and crisp. Databases deep as the ocean, an approach cool as a spring.
The sky is the limit when it comes to the good this set of tools can do when implemented on a construction project.
Yellow for Shop Drawings. A high-viz colour, yellow for safety. Practical and sunny, warm and essential.
Red for Design Documentation; Obviously a colour of danger! Caution, warning!
Not much else to add to that.

Following the logic of blending the primaries I ended up with a brown patch for the Nirvana (the utopistic stage when all three merged into one brownish blob) – and this is quite interesting on the subconscious level as brown is not often regarded as an optimistic colour.
Gloomy, muddy, murky are words that come to mind seeing the above mentioned shade, though to be fair creamy milk chocolate, chewy caramel or a frothy glass of late mocha may be positively associated with it too.

Let’s go for the latter!