Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The digital lifesaver...

I’ve had Michael Anonuevo’s email regarding his review of the 3Dconnexion mouse on my ‘to do list’ for weeks. Hope to get around reading it soon as I am a committed mouse user and this looks like an interesting gadget.
Ever since I’ve set out to learn AutoCAD on DOS, various versions of the digital rodent have influenced my daily work life.
Some of its permutations bypassed me, the laptop pad-and-button-mouses, also never got to really trust the cordless.

Without getting overly enthusiastic about it, I wish to highlight that the typical two-buttoned-wheelie-device has some inspired qualities.
Consider this: Over the last 2 decades it has stayed truly intuitive and easy to use, even though a wide range of applications are accessed through it.
Contrast this to the evolution of various remote controls and you’ll see my point.
It is widely regarded as a cliché, but would anyone without a double doctorate in the specific subject still attempt to programme a VCR from a remote? Maybe Zsuzsie, our tech angel. Certainly not me.

What prompted me into commenting on this subject again were numerous discussions I’ve encountered recently on various forums evaluating navigational abilities of different BIM modelling packages. They highlighted to me the fact, how lifesaving the mouse has been for me as I got to learn new packages.
Even Revit. Especially Revit.


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