Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let the best one win...

Scott Graham (LEED AP BD+C) said on a forum I’ve been following (see link):
“...R’s comparison offers some vindication for those few of us that feel market saturation doesn’t always equate to superior quality...”
Those two BIM packages have been compared many times before....

My response:
Hungarian is the most beautiful language in the World!
It can describe feelings you never knew you had, and do it in five significantly different ways...
I cherish every opportunity to listen to Hungarian spoken, the words, the melody,...
Still. I use English daily. At home with my family. At work. With my Australian, American, South African and English colleagues.
And the Arab. And Indian, Pilipino and Russian. Even the German and French.
Is this right? Is it fair? It just is.

A crude parallel to why one solution does better in the industry even though may be of a lesser quality?
I hope more of a reminder that what seems like a logical outcome is not often the one that eventuates in real life.

He also dismisses what he calls ‘normal arguments’ such as ‘quicker learning curve, more industry support etc’ in favour of the ‘nuts and bolts functionality of the program’...

Shouldn’t do that.
Assessing the ‘value’ of any program in isolation from all of the particulars of the industry they serve is unhelpful and potentially dangerous.