Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When they can no longer be ignored...

One topic that hit home with many readers of the blog was the post on the subject of ‘BIM bluffers’, earlier in the year.
Interesting, how over the last 6 months I stopped referring to the above figures as such and am more inclined to think of them as BIM cowboys.
There is only so far the bluffing can go without turning sinister and start hitting where really hurts.
While I often found this behaviour daring, smart even cute in the past, I think it is time to get a bit more serious about exposing dodgy behaviour within the field.

Should not bring any disrespect to the ‘farmers of cows’ by associating them with yet another group within the AEC that employs questionable practices, still the temptation is there to hijack the label – even more because the term has a certain ring to when it comes to building.

Their biggest sins? Misleading clients, playing on their inexperience and vulnerability to get into projects they know at the outset are incompetent of delivering.
Even as I am writing this down, it just does not sound right;

I am not talking about little old ladies cheated out of their lifesavings by shoddy insurance-sellers.
I am referring to hardy, shrewd and smart operators that know the industry like the back of their hands.
Something does not sound right...