Friday, August 5, 2011

Get into BIM so you can make faster informed decisions!

But what if the question is whether you should be getting into BIM at all?
And what if that question required you to make an informed decision on a subject that you are unable to do because of lack of independent and meaningful data?

The wording ‘ability to make informed decision’ has become a bit of a mantra of BIM and I find this to be a bit of a paradox.
If anything, BIM managed to further muddy the already gloomy waters of AEC project information management.

Let’s look at this from a practical point: what can be considered a decision needed to be made that would do well with supporting information?
Well, it depends.
On the decision maker’s perspective, priorities, tasks and objectives.

You can find books written on just how much information a simple column can carry in an intelligent model.
The shape, the size, the materials that make it, the number of nails needed to fix the formwork and even the time the ready-mix-concrete guy will take his coffee-break.

Sounds all highly sophisticated.
But, what if the model can’t tell me if the described column is correctly set out?
Am I any better informed to make a decision to cast/place/sign-off the column than if it was sitting as a fat black line on a dumb drawing?
The difference is in ‘Verified’ information.