Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On bizarre scales again...

Those that state that I repeat myself too much can feel justified:
nothing is new under the bright August construction sun..... apart from scales.
Funny new scales that make your eyes water keep appearing on drawings.
Just found a beauty; (see attached)

It is often discussed in forums that in today’s complex world many of us loose the appreciation of how our work fits into the bigger picture.
We don’t know or care, if the end product of the task we perform daily will end up as a piece of a bicycle sold in Canada or a pair of chopsticks marketed in China.

Still, it is so hard to imagine someone earnestly calculating and typing these scales onto a digital drawing and not thinking about what use they will be and to whom?
Or maybe they do realise the futility of this operation they are obliged to perform and bring a pinch of humour to the task just to make it more bearable.

Perhaps they like to visualise the builder on the construction site, balancing high-up on a scaffolding holding the drawing in one hand, a scale-ruler and a calculator in the other try to work out the distance the balcony-door frame should be set from the load-bearing column.

They afford endless hours of amusement for me too –that ought to make them feel appreciated!