Sunday, August 28, 2011

I don’t do no hands-on mate...

A loyal but somewhat-grumpy reader has been pointing out to me (over some time) how little had I achieved in debunking the BIM subject since I started.
He’s been explaining to me in great detail, why he should stop following my empty ramblings, wingding and whines...
By now I ought to have presented him with the magic answer to the mighty BIM-question, as opposed to what he perceives as a series of instructions I keep dishing out on how-to/or-not to get ones hands dirty on a micro-BIM level.

Parallel to enjoying his regular fan-mail-offerings, at home I had numerous mini-mutinies staged around the subject of dishwashing.
I confess, there are definitely too many cooks and not enough dishwashers in our house;

These two occurrences coinciding so neatly, highlighted the existence of a phenomenon I can name as the ‘shortage of Man Fridays’ and have prompted me to focus more on the idea of ‘delegation’ and question why is there such unpreparedness of the human-kind to be ‘delegated-to’.

Delegation is critical for BIM to work but it also requires active participation high up the project hierarchy.
Is there future for an approach so desperately in need of ‘applied’ attention as opposed to purely ‘theoretical’?
I’m not convinced that there is, without some major changes happening in the industry, changes the Crusoes of AEC unprepared to implement.