Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You think I’m boring?

Boring... is generally a forbidden word in our household. So are its derivatives, being bored, a task seen too tedious to do, dreary, wearisome.
Sounds like a not-very happy place for a child to spend a childhood in, still, despite of these rules somehow our kids manage to get along.

I’ll tell you what is boring:
Boring is trying to assess a construction tender-set structured with no end-user in mind.
Actually, the word ‘assess’ is not appropriate here – assessing is easy, one look at the roomful of stuff and I know that this is not going to be the revolutionary example of being presented with a meaningfully-navigable set of documents I’ve been hoping for.

It truly is boring to be faced with another truckload of hard- and soft-packaged information that is pulled together haphazardly by an army of people calling themselves professionals.

Too harsh?
If you are in the business of preparing tender documents, have you ever considered the poor souls at the other side of your document transfer making sense of the deluge that has hit them?
Have you ever attempted to reconstruct anything from the disc you ‘carefully’ prepared or the roll of printouts that if laid out in a continuous strip could take me easily back to NZ?

I know, I have written about this subject before.
My life is a bore.