Saturday, August 20, 2011

To brand or not to...

Life is often truly back to front.
I remember fighting tooth-and-nail the concept of branding safety vests, warn by school patrols along pedestrian crossings near school entries, when my children were primary school aged.
McDonalds worked it out, that for a handful of money, it can get a generation of children to associate safety with its golden arches.

Similarly in healthcare, at the local GP – stationery heavily branded by the suppliers of medicines along the reception, the doctor’s desk, around the walls ...

Luckily in this world saturated by aggressive marketing, there still exists a virgin environment one can escape to:
The pristine commercial workspace of the CAD/modelling packages, we building creators of the AEC industry have been assigned to spend our working lives in.

I should be very happy with this set up – most CAD suppliers unable to effectively market their own products let alone provide vehicles for clever, subtle, cross promotion for others, even competitors.
No messing with the mind while building the digital house, theatre, shopping mall.

You can trust me to feel let down by being left alone...
I look at Google, how it often clumsily attempts to target its wares to my needs and marvel...
When will my BIM package see the opportunity, when will it go where many others did before, balancing the rights and wrongs of crafty advertising?