Friday, August 12, 2011

The Revival of the All-rounder...

Not the ‘GP’ version of it!
Generalists are not the flavour of the month in the professional circles I frequent these days.
Project decision makers like to take their consultants nicely packaged and clearly labelled.
That pretty much writes architects off the project-influentials’ lists.
Make no mistake, architects are still present on most building projects, however like it or not, the archetypal ‘general practitioners’ within the troupes are by and large relegated to the margins.

I did not start this post with the aim to have another ‘put-the-boot in the architect session’.
Rather, to highlight that there is future for the all-rounder building professional.
It will not surprise many, that I see this to be the BIM project coordinator.

BIM coordinators must be technically competent in almost all facets of building creation.
Also gifted managers, able and willing to lead. Motivators and mediators. Standards setters and moderators.
They need to be adaptable to a constantly changing set of tools, flexible to deal with a wide range of people and disciplines, resourceful, multitalented and naturally curious.

The project BIM coordinator’s role is a demanding one, an unashamedly elitist position people should work hard to get.
A subfield within the field of delivering buildings is crying out for high quality all-rounders.
It is a pity that so few architects currently see this area worthy of specialising in.