Sunday, June 26, 2011

Won’t do no more, BIM101...

Went to the girls’ school a couple of days ago*.
At the entry there’s a sign: “We are a Nut free school!”
I wondered: does the exclusion apply for 2 legged nuts too? Got in regardless, so maybe not. **

Curiously enough, the school and its ability and sometime lack of it, to cater for children of different ages and different stages prompted me to finally make a statement:
I’m moving on from BIM101. If you don’t know what BIM is, find it out yourself!

This decision’s been also helped by numerous events lately where I was explained again and again, what BIM was.

If you are serious about doing well in AEC – you should learn what BIM is, not necessary because of all the benefits that will come your way once you employ it, but because someone might use it against you in the near future without you even realising it.

The internet is bursting with BIM101 – and it is so repetitive that you will quickly get the gist of it. And if you want a fancy presentation with walking, talking pretty pictures call in your local anyCAD supplier and they will customise a BIM theatre just for you.

As in the snakes and ladders game – sometime you’ve got to go back to the beginning.
In this game, I’ve had my share of snakes.

 *  The place of the handicap toilets
** Shouldn’t be making fun of allergic conditions.