Friday, June 10, 2011

So much for user focus, interactivity and easy access.

I hit a bit-of-a low point with my blog-writing recently.
To look for some hidden inspiration and stop repeating myself I re-read some of the posts from January.
Quite early in the piece and I can’t recall the reasons for it anymore, I started offering cool little files to my readers.
These were (and still are) outstanding examples of user focused communication tools developed for the construction industry.

The initiative turned out to be a flop.
First, because I set the share-button wrong on the Google-docs setting. Second, many people had trouble downloading the files even when I fixed the sharing. Consequently not many persisted with attempting to manipulate them.
So much for user focus, interactivity, easy access.
Some emailed to ask for samples, other declared publicly that they NEVER downloaded anything from the net.

Hurt pride aside, this is interesting from the point of the global BIM!
We explore at lengths the BIM utopia where everything is shared with everyone, everywhere and in numerous Ds, real time.
We argue about authoring software, viewers, protocols, while I struggle with making a 1Meg PDF file available to the masses to explore.

I know of Dropbox, WeTransfer and all sorts of other controlled-vehicles available for over-the-net file sharing, I merely wish to point out a discrepancy here, between what we say and do in our daily BIM-ings.

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