Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Model, model on my palm, can you tell me where am I?

Metal Mary is our navigation assistant, a cheesy name she got for a piece of electronics.
As most creatures of her sort, she is terribly patient and forgiving. I am yet to hear her yell because we took a wrong turn or refuse to do another ‘recalculating’ exercise.
Her job isn’t easy, as roads, ramps and roundabouts regularly get established and disestablished where we live. It is not unusual for us to be travelling through a blank screen or pretend to turn into a submarine for the reason of a new road or bridge appearing that Mary is yet to be acquainted with.

I wish my BIM models learned some of Mary’s skills.
For a start, to tell me where am I?
Say, I am navigating a model – looking at a particular junction in a middle of a large floor-plate, up on the X’th floor.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the model had the ability to show on the screen (ghost it?) what level I was on? Also, if I was looking through a vertical cut, what grids had I been truncating in the view?
The vertical referencing I can get around, but am yet to think of any usable work-around for grids having their heads cut off.

A wormlike object, that grows a head at whatever place I cut it, would work, I think.

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