Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Will Aconex* figure it out before the others?

Quite some time ago, I prepared a series of images explaining the idea of the Project BIM Environment based on the parallel of the development of Trans-Atlantic transportation systems. Needless to say (see pictures) that the parallel went down like a lead balloon and I shelved the concept for a while.

Most parties I was talking to were still wrapping their tongues around the unpronounceable word of ‘interoperability’ and refused to see that creating an environment where the interoperability process can happen is just as important as the process itself. So another 5 years have gone by merrily, without real progress made to tools and systems for BIM PEs.
Naturally I blame the software vendors for this state of affairs; Admittedly, some started to dabble in ‘platforms’ and most are now in a ‘cooperative mode’ but it is all a bit too little, too late.

In these last five years companies like Aconex have built a reasonable following within AEC and digital (online) project environments do exist on most large(ish) projects, however, no real BIM aspects have made in into them*.
Two things need to happen, move on from digitising parts of buildings to creating digital project environments and work with companies that already sell digital Project Environments .

Or, do the first and knock the incumbents off their perch by providing a true BIMPE.

* I’ve read that Newforma works with Revit; (only)

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