Friday, June 17, 2011

Speaking of the BIM lingo...

Do you have trouble keeping up with the BIM jargon? You’re not alone, I can assure you.
Either because it is technology driven or due to it chronically suffering from the shortage of real news, BIM seems to get a boost of new terminology regularly.
For example: ‘software agnostic’.
Had to look up the meaning of the second word and even after quite some research into philosophy, software development and religion, am not quite sure how it applies to BIM?

I understand it refers to something being able to work with various systems rather than customised for a single one. So, if I am prepared to create my models using various platforms, the terminology applies to me?
Would a cross platform BIM count as a software agnostic BIM? Or would the creators of the cross-platform BIM be classified as the software agnostics?
(very helpful that the word can be both a noun and an adjective);

Does it imply across the board commitment (plays with everyone) or universal no commitment (questions everything)?

Not quite sure that I like this word, while it is easier to pronounce then ‘interoperability’, it sounds negative, agonising, angry.

And while we’re at reinventing the BIM language, let me highlight this again:
IFC (interoperable BIM file-format) is easily and often confused with IFC (documents issued for construction) when used on construction projects.

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