Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leave me alone: you are not my mum!

It was lucky I had my speakers off, on the laptop, otherwise the question Google Mail posed to me when I pressed the ‘send’ button would have really startled me.
“Did you mean to attach a file?” – a helpful note fleshed up instead. Your message says “attached please...but there is no file attached”...
This is quite creepy though – do they really scan every message I send or receive? For a chance to find places they can assist me? A sort of thin line between helpful and annoying...

Or is it just to control us all?

I know the horse has bolted on this one some time ago, Linkedin knows my address book inside out and FB bombards me with customised ads all the time.
I get suggestions to meet single available people locally.
Have they detected some activity on my husbands’ Gmail account that is prompting this avalanche?
Won’t be his FB or Linkedin, he demonstratively refuses to get manipulated by neither.

Are we being exploited?

For BIM’s future’s sake, I want universal connectivity between people and entities to happen sooner rather than later.
I wish for speedy information highways and clever vehicles to travel it.
I have zillions of ideas to plug into this, yet to become reality.

Still, an email system that acts like it was my mum? Aren’t ready for that, yet!

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