Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In search of the BIM positive...

There is a beautiful building not far from where I live.
It is also part of a successful BIM project, or so I’ve been told.
I know very little about the history of the project and will not comment on how BIM assisted or hindered the creation of this wonderful object.

Am curious about MZ Partners being the project’s original designers. I once visited their offices. If you ever need a proof that flash offices are not needed to get high profile architectural projects, walk by their entry. They may have moved since. Doubt it, somehow.

I’ve kept Arups (the lead consultants of the building) in high esteem ever since I did a thorough study on the design and construction of the Sydney Opera House many years ago.
Have never worked with them directly but admire how they manage to coast on the outskirts of the global BIM-frenzy of the recent years with unblemished reputation.
And yes, they are excellent engineers too (I expect), I’m just a bit one-eyed and look at everything though BIM glasses.

Driving past the ‘disk’ daily, I marvel at the scale of it and the fact that it does not feel overpowering at all.
It does not feel like a building either, a striking object set in the desert.
A ‘Goldilocks’ type of object – everything about it feels ‘just right’.

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