Monday, June 6, 2011

My clued-up BIM tongue twister

My definition of BIM on any building project is: create and maintain quality project Information throughout the process.

If predictive digital modelling existed there would be a smart bucket of project Information created at source, that buildings could be built from with no further quality control needed (on the documentation side at least);
This hypothetical model I call a ‘Clued up model’. (clued up = smart, verified)

Predictive modelling does not exist (can put ‘yet’ in here if you wish) – therefore we need to have modellers that are as close as possible to understanding and have the ability to deliver ‘clued up models’. They are called ‘clued up model modellers’.

These types of people are very hard to find especially in numbers that are needed on projects, so to make sure that less capable modellers perform as well as possible you need hands on modeller managers. You can refer to them as ‘Clued up model modeller managers’.

What’s with the tongue twister?
Well, if you line these up in a bit of an inverted, lopsided pyramid:

(Clued up) model modeller manager manager
(Clued up) model modeller manager
(Clued up) model modeller
(Clued up) model

It is easy to see!
The further up the pyramid your ‘clued up’ resource sits, the bigger (and heavier) it becomes.
Cost and risks are closely related too, of course.

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