Monday, June 20, 2011

Do it once and do it right!

Is the mantra that applies.
To the building. The real one!
The same does not necessary apply to the digital representation of the building.
In fact, trying to do a perfect model at first attempt (that will not change down the line) can seriously backfire on the model-authors.
Novice modellers and those that design projects around digital models for the first time all tend to want to do things only once. The thought of a model being dumped, replaced even lost terrifies them.
Maybe because of the effort that is needed to produce their first creation feels overwhelmingly large, they often insist in keeping half-baked formations and work on them well beyond used-by-dates.

You’ve got to learn to let it go. Start from scratch. Repurpose, rebuild.
Think of the screen as the digital sketch (butter) paper, you regularly screw up and throw away.
Or a word processor where entire paragraphs can be scratched and rebuilt.

In the olden days when software and hardware were much less reliable, there was the helping hand of a good old crash every now and again.

Redoing a model or any part of it has two benefits:
the model will be better next time, (you’ll find new issues with it, or the building it is supposed to represent that you’d missed so far)
and your modelling/model management skills will improve.

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