Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sour grapes (Me and My Autodesk) Also how ‘Less is More’

OK, you’ve seen through me. 
Being so bitter about Autodesk is to do a bit with my abstract being rejected by the Australian Revit Users’ Conference.
Spot ON! And there is more: I’ve had numerous run-ins with Archicad and GS over the years too. I never quite got the point of existence of Vectorworks and have largely stayed away from Microstation. VICO and I have a quiet truce and Gehry Technologies’ work I admire from a distance. buikdingSMART is probably the only party that really gets up my nose – but stating this only makes ME look bad;

My rejected abstract:

Less is More

We gave ourselves a challenge: On an existing project we had been working on using Revit to produce drawing documentation – we asked the question:

If we introduced a digital building book (DBB) to include all information related to the construction, fitout and finishing of a penthouse apartment on a multi-story building – and published that DBB to a single PDF, how many sheets of drawings specifications and installation could it replace?

Following this, we designed a ‘sort-of’ scientific test where we tested the speed of people finding information using the traditional and the DBB systems and compared the results of the two tests.

We propose to present the findings of the exercise to the audience of the conference.

You be the judge!


  1. Sounds interesting. Maybe the RTC audience is too "Architect"?

  2. Is effective communication not what Architects should be striving for too?

  3. It appears, to me who isn't one, they are paid for (& regard the deliverable to be) drawings & not buildngs

  4. Hi Zolna,

    Your abstract was well regarded by the committee, and I was personally interested in the idea and your results as well. Unfortunately, with more than twice as many submissions as spaces available, we were not able to put in a number of sessions that we really liked the sound of.

    If you are going to make it to RTC, I would love to hear more about this process, and hope that you might resubmit it for next year.

    Regards, Wesley

  5. Thank you for your clarification Wesley – with regards to next year – I hope to have my thinking, the tools I use and processes I employ further developed by then what they are now...