Sunday, February 20, 2011

A ‘Low key BIM blog’ day... Define and safeguard your spatial ‘Frame of reference’.

Today, a tip for the doers and the developers!
In model based documentation of buildings – there is one basic rule you must follow:
Define and safeguard your spatial, model-based ‘Frame of reference’.

There are 5 parameters I regard as essential to the system:
Orientation (North Point)
Origin (related to a known POR)
X, Y and Z coordinates, (Cartesian Coordinates, a set of numbers that will locate any point in space.)

There are few things that get architects annoyed as much as forcing them under constrains before they are ready (if ever)  still, I strongly advocate for a project environment where clear 3D references guide the originators as well as the users of information.

Lack of spatial reference makes interpretation difficult but intelligent tools that provide grids and levels (X, Y, Z) for projects to reference all information-to can make/brake a job.

Be ruthless with your reference system. Put it in place and safeguard throughout the process.

Here is also a good opportunity for Building Materials (products) manufacturers to assist the development of digital tools:
Create dynamic ‘coordinate/orientation/navigation’ systems that will work seamlessly in 3D and 2d Switch a Gridline object to a Section view, a vertical level-line to a Plan.
Make it easy to set up, also robust. BRAND it!
Even if it has nothing to do with your product, it will be used constantly!

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