Monday, February 14, 2011

The future looks bright for emerging career BIMologists operating in Australia!

Today, I came across a report titled:

Productivity In The Building Network:
Assessing The Impacts Of Building Information Models
Report to the Built Environment Innovation and Industry Council (29 October 2010);
Produced by Allen Consulting Group;

A riveting read!

I have many favourite parts  – one sentence stands out from the rest:
“BIM is expected to deliver many benefits to industry at costs that are not materially higher than traditional or alternative management approaches.”
Actually, the sentences is repeated at least 3 times through the text, so they must be pretty confident about this (sure, they do list factors that play a role in impending adoption of BIM..)

So, career BIMologist – aim for Australia – the stronghold of buildingSMART – they’ve cornered BIM.

For my part, I have my own little agenda. When I’m asked next what policy interventions would I suggest to assist industry-wide implementation of BIM, I’ll list my top 3:

1/ make it compulsory for all construction materials to come with a BIM barcode (a digital chip that carries graphical and non graphical information)
2/ make all building permit authorities assess and approve building designs model-based, online, instantaneously; (using material BIM barcodes and smart web based tools)
3/ design all public buildings on SIMS. (so public can see what is being designed, how much will the buildings cost and how will they operate).


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