Saturday, February 19, 2011

Missing Ingredient in BIM: Critical Mass! also, Which one of Google or Facebook is going to crack the BIM code first?

Two seemingly unconnected questions. Still, those in-the-know, know.
BIM will happen when the modus operandi of the present,  non-BIM AEC industry is not longer sustainable and when high enough percentage of clients demand that what is currently sold to them as BIM (but is not really) starts making a measurable difference to their projects.

So, when will this critical mass be reached? What is the smallest number of projects, clients, practitioners needed to make it happen? What is the size at which the AEC will undergo a fundamental change in regard to its operations?
I’d guess that this ‘size’ is ill defined to even the best minds of the ‘Autodesks’ of the world.
First, because it can not be viewed in isolation, separated from the rest of the world, it is influenced by everything and is very fluid.
Second, because there is not real historical precedent to compare it to (no, the rise and rise of Flatacad was not the same);

The critical mass may not even be such a high number at all! If enough of participants of the AEC ‘monopoly board’ (see image attached) buy in at any one time around a number of projects, the scales could be easily tipped and a snowball effect achieved.

For BIM to work, it will need to become common. Google is common. Facebook is too.


  1. I have found your blog relatively recently and think you are raising good questions.

    What will cause change and wider BIM adoption?
    Measurable benefit - I agree

    Simplicity for me is a biggie. Lost in translation doesn't cut it and thats why I am beginning to lean more and more on the idea that one software will rule them all.

    I've used ArchiCAD most of my career but can see the Revit train rolling in to town....and it seems pretty in(r)evitable.

    However I do agree that it is not decided yet.
    Over a year ago I heard rumours of an collaborative online version of Sketchup. Suddenly you can see how a left field product could blow the BIM world apart. True cloud based modelling.
    APIs aplenty for developers to script all sorts of goodies into the software.
    All google need to do is resurrect their wave (which I think was ended prematurely) and roll it into this new "BIM-uo" product and's something to really get excited about!

  2. Thanks for your comment; Love the in(r)evitable!