Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is: A positive BIM BLOG day!

Over the last month, I managed to create an impression that I tend to dream up utopian BIM ideas and keep putting the boot into hard-working software developers.
That I ignore progress made by many and constantly complain without offering any useful suggestions.
A fair portrayal of my behaviour?
No..., I strongly disagree.
For numerous reason... and anyway, I said I’d be positive, not unrealistically self critical!
Here is a plug: Right Hemisphere – look up www.righthemisphere.com
Download the trial version of Deep Exploration.
Export your Revit (or Archicad, or Microstation or AnyCAD file) into one of the numerous file-types DE will read.
Play with it!
Navigate. Pull apart your buildings, peel off layers, walk around, interrogate elements, change materials, animate bits, cut sections, angle sections, mark up comments, track comments, dimension, measure, notate;
Then... for just 10 minutes, consciously suspend any prejudice you have against ‘tools made for manufacturers’ and park your deep-set loyalty to AnyCAD and their applications and enjoy the following features:
1/ Ability to compile, manipulate and navigate HUGE amount of data with ease
2/ Ability to PUBLISH to easy-to-use outputs (interactive PDFs!) that are of miniscule sizes
3/ Do all of this on line, in real time...
OK .... not the third.
Not because the solution does not exist!
It does, RH has it.

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