Saturday, February 12, 2011

BIM could work really well, if everyone played nicely!

Let’s face it – the likelihood of this happening in the near future is pretty slim; Why would that happen anyway? Construction is a competitive industry, even if some market-forces had not worked overly well in the past within it, construction generally plays by the rules of ‘supply/demand’.
There are monopolies that twist these, alliances and deals that dance on the edge of ‘above the board’, government and public building projects awarded in a somewhat unsavoury way, but by-and-large – it is a robust industry that plays the rough game with some civility.
So, it is unlikely – for it to suddenly drop strategies, intelligence and other advantages built up over the years (sometimes hundreds of) and start ‘playing nicely’.

Most contemporary BIM theories are based on the premise, that in the digital environment of the BIM project, data should flow freely between various participants and no constrains that hinder collaboration should be imposed.
Originators of this theory must be unaware that ‘project information’ is the biggest weapon in this industry and whoever has control over it, wins the game. Also, lack of/or misinformation are the biggest risks most participants face and the ability to manage these makes a party competitive and successful.

I believe, that the BIM that will eventually succeed will not be the self regulative, ‘play nicely’ type, but something completely different! Watch this space!

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