Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why smoke and mirrors?

Over the years, I’ve become a con artist. Not a cheat that deceives people to secure an unfair advantage.
The trickery I’ve used in my business cost us enormous amounts of backstage work so we could create the impression of things not (yet) possible:

See the linked example: (DO download it – magical!)
This is a graphical representation of a basic BOM;
Orbit the model, identify a particular element (bracket) by name, find how many  there are in the project and where; Do this once using the table, then do it directly from the model;
Navigate, turn layers on/off, take dimensions, cut sections, make the building transparent, add a 3D comment.
This IS the way we should be communicating!
No matter what area of construction you work in, you’d be involved with tasks similar to these. Compare a job you’ve done and the amount of documentation it created.

The sad fact is, that the same trailer-load of information WAS created for the job I am presenting here too;
So, where were the benefits in doing this EXTRA work? Somebody sure had to pay someone (us) to trawl through all those documents, interpret them, coordinate them and create this, smart document? Create and possibly maintain.

What makes it worthwhile is the ‘i’ word;
Interpretation. There are huge resources and risks tied up in this one word. TBC

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