Friday, February 25, 2011

The lack of FREEDOM of Navisworks (Freedom)

“It is by design that Navisworks does not allow exports to dwg or other file formats. This software is a viewing software, not meant to be used as a model generation software. If Navis allowed export to dwg the integrity of the models being shared could be compromised.”

This is a quote from AUGI’s website, I stumbled on it while searching for:
Why does Naviswork go only one way?

It is not a bad software, though terribly overpriced.
It is able to handle multiple formats and reasonably large chunks of graphics, navigates like other Autodesk products (bit clunky), carries through some metadata, easily stitches elements with tasks for sequencing, offers somewhat mediocre outputs.
(Can’t comment on its clash detection facility as I don’t believe in the type of ‘interface detection’ Autodesk promotes with this package.)

So, what is really behind this ‘by design one-wayness’? Would love to hear what others think!

For me it is a bit like providing a Lego board to stick all your toys onto (Playmobil, McDonald Happymeal creatures, Nobrand blocks etc) so you can view them, maybe even play with them, but sorry – you can’t put this assembly into your FisherPrice truck!

Too weak an illustration? How about: ‘you can check out any time you'd like but you can never leave’.
Just does not sit right.
Ignorant or arrogant, definitely patronising.

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  1. iConstruct™ for Autodesk™ Navisworks™ is a plugin that will allow you to export from Navis to DWG using the RealDWG™ engine. this is slated for release in early 2013.

    Incredible potential, the industry has been waiting too long for this.

    Visit our Linked-In page for more information on this.

    All current features (including NWD ReConstruct™) can be found at