Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet the POD!

The POD is a robust computer station, placed on a construction site;
Protected in a tough casing, it is lockable, dust and vandal-proof. It has the ability to be charged by multiple power supplies, including the sun.
It is all-weatherproof, comes with own booth.
It is touch screen operated nonetheless, can have a mouse and keyboard too.
It is web enabled, linked to a central database and manages log-ins through fingerprint verification.
It carries all site/project relevant information including HSE and document control;
Issues site related permits, tracks attendance.
Provides access to the 5D Project Model File together with easy navigation, search options and model interrogation tools.
It shows site management in a graphical and time relevant form.
It provides all applicable installation details, links to manufacturer’s websites for specifications and data on maintenance.
It provides site relevant, local Information, prompts to where the nearest bakery is, flower shop, corner store and bank. Lists opening hours, local transport timetables, accommodation rates, childcare availability.
Gives access to personal emails and online banking and works as an ATM.
Downloads and prints photographs;
Charges mobile phones and Ianythings. Has a World-map.

Suggest possible words to form a suitable TLA. (P...O...D...) Win an Abu Dhabi wall calendar!
 (‘competition’ ends 1st of April 2011 – judge’s decision is final – TLA chosen becomes mine, I may still share it with everyone);

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