Friday, February 18, 2011

BIMologists worldwide, take note of the SIMS phenomenon: SIMS is a BIM!

Not quite, but better than most ‘self-claiming’ BIM system I know of;


Smart environment: preloaded with intelligence – designed to aid/hinder the ‘player’ and still keep the integrity of the game;
Smart tools: predesigned and sealed yet customisable and non-limiting;
Smart editing: combination of rigidity and flexibility allowing players to innovate and explore, while working within the framework of the game;
Smart navigation: intuitive and easy to use, yet fast enough on (almost any) home-computer.

‘Mainstream BIM’:

Environment: the ‘template’ – at best mildly useful at worst clumsy and irrelevant; If you ignore it (i.e. start from an older project) it failed its purpose.
Tools: over generic, over flexible, too much work
Editing: table based, long-winded, a hassle
Navigation: slow, slow, slow

Now, of course, if you interrogated a serious SIMS user, they would BOMBARD you with lists of features they are unhappy with, things they need to do ‘cheats’ on, other bits and piece they want SIMS developers to fix;
So, no – they don’t think they have their hands on the best BIM in the world.

However, put them on a mainstream BIM for a day and probably will not talk to you again for weeks;
Your response: “get real, these kids MUST learn bla bla bla..” You may be right – may not be too!

BIMologists worldwide, YOU can’t afford to ignore the SIMS phenomenon!

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