Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roll in Investigative BIM!

Love to interrogate piles of messy construction plans?
Fancy yourself as a Forensic BIMologist? Your time is coming!
Forensic BIMologists (FB) employ systematic and thorough inquiry to find information and ascertain facts related to construction project INFORMATION. They apply BIM approach to questions which are of interest to the legal system but also to maintain a digital, modelbased ‘mirror’ against contractual drawings to report the STATUS of the information;
Don’t confuse investigative BIM services with clash detection, they are poles apart. The two reports I posted yesterday may give you some ideas on what FB can be about.

Savvy building owners/developers will wake up soon – they’ll change their tactics, change their tools! They’ll start using Forensic BIMologists. First probably post-mortem, when construction projects turn into mediation, arbitration and full blow court cases, but gradually they will become standard fixtures in all respectable building owners/developers offices.
Those that are the first to employ FBs may incur extra costs but on subsequent projects the work of the ‘original’ consultants will improve to such extent that the upfront extra costs will disappear and overall savings will start to happen. Significant ones at that, combined with overall improvement in documentation, coordination and construction.

FB’s then may relatively quickly limit  their area of work to supporting the legal system, however their impact on how buildings are documented will be ongoing!

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