Sunday, July 17, 2011

A friendly assault by Dassault...

‘A full page article in the paper on BIM today, has Gehry in it too’ Graham texted me a couple of days ago... On the second reading he realised BIM was not mentioned in it at all, the acronym I mean, the concept was, still, interesting.

Fairly simplistic and one sided reporting nevertheless creates general awareness.

Awareness of what? That the Tooth fairy still exists?
That somewhere out in magic forests hide magic boxes with solutions for all our design and documentation related troubles?

Can’t talk for the airspace industry, though what I know of Boeing’s toolset, there is much more to its success than one software.
Can’t comment on Catia, its ability to transform the airspace, car, submarine AND transformation industries, nor the achievements of Dassault.

There is one sentence that hits a bit too close to home though:
 “Designing cities is another speciality. Dassault Systemes 3D software was used for urban planning in the Chinese city of Shenzen.” So were numerous Microsoft packages, I guess.
Thankfully here is Gehry too, representing paperless design and the future of the AEC....

Am I being overly mean here?
Hope not – I too crave for exciting news in the techno-AEC field, magic boxes that will release us all of the daunting tasks of needing to figure out forward ways ourselves...

This isn’t quite it, or is it?