Saturday, July 2, 2011

I like to have a mix of LoDs in my model!

LoD is the Level of Development you model to;
Or Level of Detail, depending on the party that is using the acronym and the context.
A good approach, in principle. Problems start when you want to put it to practice and innovate.

Traditional design works on the principle of developing and documenting ideas from masses and spaces through generalised systems to specific assemblies.
It is generally assumed that a wall and window will ‘grow up’ together, move from ‘solid barriers /openings within them’ definitions in schematic design through types and materials in design development to specific assemblies and installation instruction, just before or during construction.

What if Ii wanted to mix up my LoDs?
For example, what if I knew exactly the type of lifts we’d want to use within a particular building early in the design and plonked LoD 500 models into a largely LoD 100 model?
Would they rock the boat?
How about an LoD 300 curtain wall? Or a number of them, provided by manufacturers and used early in the design to compare, analyse and optimise energy performance of the building while other elements were left lagging in their early hundreds?
What if I wanted to pick up all LoD 400 elements of numerous buildings (completed earlier) and play with those elements to create a new Schematic design?

Mishandling of LoDs? Lol!