Saturday, July 16, 2011

Will it ever grow up?

Our three daughters are spending some time together – having lived the last year in different parts of the World. They’ve been to see the last Harry Potter movie, a midnight experience that was planned for months ago.
While they were bidding their last good-buys to Harry and co, husband and I were listening to the radio half a world away discussing unusual experiences of people never touched by the HP craze.
The question was regularly repeated on air as we drove home:
‘Have you lived through the last 11 years w/o ever reading a HP book or seeing a movie?’
Whether to my credit or not, I can safely state that I belong to the above mentioned group of HP ‘ignorants’ though have got a tainted past when it comes to the Teletubbies and Barnie.

Curiously this (hopefully truly last) Harry Potter mania has triggered for me to see the ‘craze’ that has ruled the last 11 years of my life.
Come to think about it, it is coming close to 20 since I’ve started taking serious interest in what is now called BIM. 

Can one spend an entire working life in the same immature profession?
What if no one remembers to take an initiative and put this undeveloped, juvenile movement to bed in the near future and it lingers around for another 2 decades?