Sunday, July 24, 2011


Middle daughter’s BD today!
Being born on the 24th day of the 7th month suited her ever since she was a baby, making for us the numbers easy to remember, she’s been a real 24/7.
Slowed down a bit when teenage-hood hit, hopefully will regain the trait of ‘keeping going’ as she gets out the other side of the tricky years.

Her birth day also marks 3 software related anniversaries for me, 15 years of Archicad, 20 of AutoCAD and 5 of Revit (Architecture).

Rather than being proud of my long association with these packages the numbers make me weary, conscious of time flying and things not changing much for the better...
Am getting a reputation for whinging... An unfair label, I believe.
Most of the time I just state the facts. Or the way I see them. Well, I do speculate a bit too.
Can’t help if they’re all a bit gloomy?

Looking back at my BIM history, I now see that I made the same mistakes as many others do:
“We want to believe in the power of technology to solve all of our problems”.

Too much emphasis on tools, too little on the tool handlers;
More effort needs to go into the people part, space and opportunities given to those that can make a difference. Especially the young ones!

Happy birthday Zsuzs!