Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A somewhat clumsy (ϋgyetlen) analogy...

Have never been much good at sports.
To my parents’ immense disappointment, both keen sportspeople.
By the young-age of two, I earned an adjective (ϋgyetlen) that stuck with me for life.
(loose translation: clumsy). It is often extended to my other, non-sport-related but physical (manual) capabilities – implying limited ability to contribute to society when it comes to making things.
Thankfully, by-now I learned to deal with this appendage and earn a living through some alternative talents.

Due to the rocky start of our relationship, it’s taken me a while to recognise the immense value ‘understanding sports better’ can offer when it comes to improving productivity within the AEC.

I suggest you look into this field for ideas if you want the make BIM work too.
Not just for obvious tips related to team management of group sports, leadership and cooperation, but more on how to tackle unforeseen circumstances, collect and use intelligence on conditions and opponents, build up resilience and handle challenges caused by human nature.
Someone competing in a ‘singles’ sport has to deal with own limitations ‘only’ and the ones the physical environment will throw at her/him at the time of needing to perform. (for example most athletics)
A sportsman playing against another will have to add another dimension – the opponent, a much more fickle set of variables to influence or even foresee...

Picture of my sister and nephew with the young Novak Djokovic (now World no 1 in tennis) taken a couple of years ago;