Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mouses and Keyboards

The scroller on the home mouse has packed up. When I turn it downside up and look at its belly, it is hard to see anything wrong, the red light is on.
The experience brings back a vivid memory of a now obsolete action.
Cleaning the clogged up rollers of old fashioned mouses: Straighten a paper clip and gently remove the fluff accumulated on the plastic cylinders. Then, pop them back into the mouse. Off it goes!
Very satisfying.

On the other hand (literally) there is something bugging me these days.
I use two laptops regularly, will not go into the reasons, let’s assume it is a logical way to work.
One of the laptops is a mature HP, an almost 2 year-old mobile workstation. The other is a spring chicken, a brand new Lenovo.
Observe the CTRL and Function keys on each; they both have them at the left bottom corner of the keyboard. The HP places the CTRL to the outside, the FN is inside;
Guess what? The Lenovo, ‘naturally’ has them the other way around.

A have an enthusiastic, amateur pianist for a husband, so we’ve always had a keyboard in our house (almost always); The current one is a digital Yamaha that comes with tricks, bells and whistles.

Still, it places it’s keys just like the old one did. How odd!