Friday, July 8, 2011

The BIM free utopia...

Consider this: you are a confident consultant (architect, engineer) prepared to stand up publicly and say:

“No, we do no BIM in our office and are proud of it!...

...We produce documentation for our buildings ‘the good old way’ and use CAD where absolutely necessary and only to mimic the traditional processes.
Our buildings don’t come from cookie-cutters, we fashion each-and-every one from scratch by painstakingly drawing up separate views for all plans, elevations and sections.
Details aren’t copies of typical ones but individually developed from enlarging sectional cuts and setting installation/operational tolerances for all elements.

...We forbid our people to use any modelling devices; they have to do all inter-disciplinary coordination in their heads and all participants are collectively responsible for clash free designs. They also need to be able to be awaken up at any time of the night and recite bills of quantities of their projects forwards and backwards. Schedules are fashioned by filtering elements out manually from the drawings and are continually kept up to date through various mental catalogues.

... our consultants write their own specifications too, preferably long-handed though in some cases some word processing is allowed. In those instances spell checkers and editing tools are naturally, disabled.

Our clients receive an outstanding service and our fees are only 2 and half times the value of the proposed building.”