Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving to BIM from flatCAD is nothing like dropping the T square!

I’ll ease-off transportation parallels in the future, this one I must write about (again?).
Can’t help myself thinking of it every time someone tells me, how going to BIM from CAD will come about (easily) just as moving from the drafting board to CAD happened in the past.
Not necessarily a painless change but nonetheless, no big deal.

I beg to differ. Moving to real BIM from flatCAD is nothing like changing from the T square to the mouse!

And this is where my transportation parallel comes in:
Look at 3 ways of getting from A to B. Bike, drive (a car), fly (by a plane);
Disregard reasons you’d choose one over another and look at the components of each system:
To bike you need a bike and to know how to operate it. There need to be roads and rules to govern how you get around and interact with others.
To use a car instead, you’d need a car (obviously) and to know to operate it. The roads may be different (wider, sealed) and the rules more stringent, still similar.

Now, decide to go by plane. That is your BIM.
You may have a clunky aircraft (software) even someone to run it, but what about the infrastructure to operate it-in and the rules for interaction?
The road-based environment and knowledge will not be enough!