Monday, July 25, 2011

What is your BIM hit rate?

Hit rate is a measure of BIM performance. An indicator on how effective one is in turning a set of gobbledygook into meaningful construction data. No, I don’t think an official assessment system exists. I just made this question up. You may view it is just as a benchmark to gauge the effectiveness of someone’s modelling, however I believe it can be developed into a universal BIM measure;

There used to be Modelling shootouts between modellers working on various packages to prove superiority of one over the other. These focused on the speed one could interpret drawings and translate them into a digital model. I’d extend this testing by including all of the other steps necessary for a ‘BIM move’ to be completed, i.e. identifying and isolating out queries, publishing and following up on them, reintegrating into the database, identifying and isolating all the implications of the change, publishing them, following up and reintegrating ...
Could an iterative process like this be measured?
Well, it is obviously an essential and necessary part of the process of creating buildings.
It is performed daily by millions of people worldwide. It must be assessable.

On the other hand, figuring your BIM hit rate becomes largely meaningless if not totally obsolete once all information authoring processes are model based and verified.
We are a long way from that yet;