Thursday, July 7, 2011

A red rag to the BIM bull?

Remember my post on colours in BIM? No?
Great, I can write about the subject again.
The human eye sees about 7,000,000 colours, some sources say (would be interesting to know how they come up with such a number?).
Colours are everywhere and their impact on us shouldn’t be under-estimated. Even without a lot of scientific knowledge on the subject we ‘know’ (from some personal experience) that colours can affect our mood, make us work well or feel tired, calm down or irritate ‘up’.

I believe that the appropriate use of colour can significantly improve productivity when it comes to BIM. But, what is the appropriate use of colour?

Bad news – you’ve got to work it out yourself!
This is yet another area where I’ve seen little progress since the Rotring colours (red, yellow, green, cyan, magenta) adopted by AutoCAD were replaced by multiple hues of grey, favoured by Revit and other sophisticated modellers.
I know you can use zillions of colours in most modelling packages currently active within BIM, but do you?

Do you use colours to help you and others be more productive?
Interrogate the model, identify different elements more easily, distinguish between various classes and/or other non-graphical properties of elements? Smart colour coding?

So, I state that ‘The untapped potential of colours for BIM is huge!’
A red rag to a bull?