Monday, July 11, 2011

The gloomy little game we play...

I wrote a slightly silly post a couple of days ago, describing the case of the devoted nonBIM-er.
It displeased quite a number of people out in the BIM world – somehow this subject is reaching the stage of total PC-ness, no self-mockery or cynical contemplation is welcome. Sorry, can’t help it.
BIM has so far almost totally refused to act predictably or even rationally on small or large scale, so it only fits ‘the patient’ to employ a somewhat erratic strategy to deal with it.

Allow me to compensate a little with a sombre statement today:
Fully coordinated documents for new buildings come at a price most building owners are unwilling to pay for!
(Fully? Replace that with “even moderately”)

So, is anyone in the industry prepared to tackle this issue?
Not really, the horse has totally bolted on this one, many years ago.
Between dropping consultant fees to absolute minimum, various unrealistic global property bubbles and the advent of project managers in AEC, the stage had been set sometime in the eighties. 

We collectively play in this theatre daily, serving ideals many disagree and observe rules few agree with. Strings are pulled and loosened sometimes to allow young enthusiast to dance solo or even attempt to modify the stage.

AEC is no stand-up comedy and while ad-hoc methods are tolerated, impromptu performances are unwelcome.