Thursday, December 22, 2011

‘I told you so’

I’m sad to say but all the opportunities that keep popping up where I can say the ‘I told you so’ are losing their attractiveness.
In fact they are turning into predictably boring. Or boringly predictable?
Either way, not something to use as a springboard to launch a fresh set of New Year’s resolutions. The new ones, BTW I’m going to keep quiet about to save myself from publicly committing to something that will haunt me throughout the year.

On the other hand, there ARE certain advantages in involving the world as one’s own conscience, a Jiminy Cricket to a reluctant Pinocchio and – “Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!”.

I’ve been observing a project recently, from a reasonable distance, where the bar was set very high and announced to the World with a tremendous drum roll!
Something on the lines of: doing a huge BIM project with very thin BIM resources in a highly challenging environment to such standard that the
“project’s end results will be the benchmark to which all building owners, project managers and contractors in the region strive to achieve with their projects.”

Now, I call this having balls!
Petty it is not going to work, but that is just going to be another mark on my “I told you so” wall of shame and that gives me pleasure no more.