Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The irritant has been slowly creeping up the chain...

I will not be offended if you tell me, that the title made you imagine me inching up a (chain) rainthingy... I CAN be irritating.
But as any good oyster-farmer will argue, sometimes what you need most is an irritant to get things going.
In more PC worlds, they may refer to the agent as a ‘catalyst’, I prefer the former.

This picture of a ‘climbing annoyance’ forms in my head as I watch another rendition of the graph of the ‘Chasm between early adopters and laggards’ getting flashed up on 3 simultaneous screens within the room.
Yes, I’m still reflecting on the conference from last week.
Numerous well regarded speakers presented on BIM from various angles and as almost always on such events this parabolic-graph came out at least once.
While I am fond of the shape (reminds me of the Elephant in the Snake’s tummy – re Little Prince) I am not convinced of its usefulness to understanding where BIM is.

I’d amend it, add another stage to the graph, or create another graph altogether showing the build up of frustration as the indicator of the level of adoption likely to be happening in the future.
I’d also explore how nuisance, aggravation, pain, identified within project delivery systems changes through the hierarchies and its impact on successful BIM adoption experienced within the company.