Saturday, December 24, 2011

I’ve inadvertently engineered a cat-head out of my web statistics.

I must use my ‘last’ days to float the most boring topics related to BIM, to prevent the cat gain a third ear just before the end of December.
I do not need to lose any sleep over the subject, the trend is definitely downwards, my post regarding the emergence of the ‘ideal’ BIM client yesterday received only a lukewarm welcome.

I think it does deserve another mention:
Hardly ever do I come across a self-proclaimed BIM expert that does not put ‘educating clients’ as a number-one priority on the road to widespread BIM adoption.
The notion of a homogenous group of people (entities) that sit in rows of undersized desks, eyes peeled on a blackboard, eagerly waiting their BIM enlightenment from the above mentioned specialists is something they believe in, I’m certain.

Lo and behold when the pupils turn out to be an unruly bunch, unprepared to be spoon fed, worse even, demanding credentials from the teaching crew, wanting proof to their claims to be at the forefront of the topic.

This picture imagined puts a smile on my face and reinforces my HOPE in the sector to drive this BIM where it needs to be:
‘A cutting edge toolset that not everyone can use and/or get.
Something that the smart cookies of the industry will have to get one over on the others’