Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kitchen planner: clumsy but honest

Having worked in BIM for many-years and been regularly subjected to hot-air type of marketing by software vendors, I really appreciate when I come across an honest operator that is prepared to say things the way they really are.

I was playing with the ALNO kitchen planner when I got the little message that so pleasantly surprised:
You have maximised the application window (yes, indeed, I had done just that);
If the application crashes, (did not for me but obviously does for some) please restart the programm (sic) without maximising the application window.
Followed with the OK button. (no question mark by it, should consider adding one, maybe even two optional responses too, like: Fine then! and No way!)

A long-lost acquaintance has found me recently on Linkedin.
An architect and someone I studied with, he did not enquire about my work and/or life not even about my family’s health or happiness;
His first message related to my Linkedin byline: Model based BIM practitioner
Are there other ‘based’ BIMs as well? That people can practice in/on, around?’ he asked.
Of course there are, I responded, we, the ones really concerned with the model are the minority in the field.
The rest are career BIM-ists, one needs to be cautious taking advice from them.
The smoother their talk, the hotter the air in their balloon is.