Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OM/FM is the new spring, not the old summer in the BIM-model’s life

Despite of the everyday chaos of AEC projects, there is something profoundly beautiful about the way information matures through the delivery process, and I like to describe it as ‘mimicking natural changes within-seasons’.
A BIM approach used well allows for the model to adapt to these changes.

It functions like a tree, the trunk and branches form the solid base of information to be referenced to. Grids, levels, origins.
Just like a tree that grows its flowers and leaves in the order of priorities, a good BIM model will develop and refine its elements in order of importance too. Taking into account long-lead items, various weather constrains, site limitations.
Just like the tree, it will bear its fruit in summer.
The parallel gets a bit tricky when the project is completed and the building starts its operational phase.

Promoters of BIM like to brand this stage as the one where the well developed model is ‘FM-ready’.
I like to ask for time-out.
This is not the time the fruit is borne. We are passed summer.

The OM/FM model needs serious clean up, redefining, often rebuilding from scratch.
Those that have battled through sunshine/wind/rain to get their little buds turn into rotten fruit, yellow leaves and bare branches may rightly feel disheartened.
But this is not the end.
It is the beginning of a new cycle.