Friday, December 23, 2011

The end of the year brings The Hope!

He came in a creamy coloured kandura and blew my socks off.

May not have struck others present as the representation of the ‘ideal AEC-client’ by any official-or-unofficial measure.
I certainly could see in-him the drive for a hard bargain and am sure he employs it with anyone and everyone that crosses his paths.
Still, for the time being he jumped into the role of the human-representation of what an ideal BIM client should be, for me.

He had what very few of my clients ever had: ‘a good bluffometer’.
Don’t confuse this with pure business ability, I’ve had the pleasure to deal with many of those smart, savvy operators getting the best out of the AEC, skilfully turning any situation into their own benefit, no matter of what side of the property bubble they were in.

Even the concept that the entire industry on an international level is running on the principle of “Make it up as you go” is not that well kept secret for many, so labelling various professionals serving him from design teams with unkind epithets would on its own not awe me as much as the kandura-clad Doctor had. (i.e. ‘stupid engineers’).

His proactivity astonished me!
I wishpered to Daniel (BIMES) the question: “Where did you find him?”
Daniel’s response was: “He found us!”

There is hope for BIM yet!

Picture borrowed from Dr Najeeb Mohd. Al Nuaimi’s presentation at the First Annual Conference in the ME on BIM;