Friday, December 9, 2011

Remember Archie?

In my spare time I make lists of characteristics the ideal Archie will one day have.
(the core ones I identified in my post from the 1st of October, others are added and deleted daily, depending on my moods and work related experiences).
But I no longer think of calling the little, virtual construction man Archie.
A new idea has popped up recently: How about Rivet?

Ok, it is not original. I have seen the word in numerous BIM related job searches
(I do those just to keep up with where the market is), but it is such an appropriate name!
This would definitely put the spanner in the wheels within the AEC!
A construction modelling programme called “Rivet!”.

You’d be hard pressed to know who is mocking whom, and get all the free publicity from people mis-pronouncing the name of the toolset forced onto them by their CAD department!

Mischievous thoughts aside, I still hope that someone soon will take on the task of creating a real construction modeller.
It is such a sad state of affairs to work in a digitally orphaned industry where hardly anyone bothers to put some programming effort into.
Where hand-me-downs from consultants get rebranded and passed on as customised.
Where the software makers just don’t seem to be having any idea on what we, the users need.

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