Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmases in sand and snow...

All in all, I don’t travel much.
Have been in the UAE for 18 months and had not got to Al Ain yet, a town not that far and definitely worth a visit.
Still, when it comes to Christmases I’ve been fortunate to experience many shades of it;

Winter and cold
Self awarding a break from exams in my twenties and taking the last train on Christmas Eve to the village of my friend’s parents’.
Walking the 2km-es from the dimply-lit train station to their house through knee-deep snow while treasuring the experience of seeing the heavily-laden Christmas trees twinkling behind laced curtains on our way.

Summer and warm
Scooping up a bottle full of metallic-magnetic-black sand on a beach in my late thirties, suffering from morning sickness all day and watching the sun dip into the Pacific Ocean, while husband is practicing his trumpet for the family New Year’s party we’ll be going to.

Summer and cold
Shivering on the inter islander-boat in my early forties, watching the green cliffs of the Marlborough Sounds slide by the slowed vessel due to over-zealous regulators’ eagerness to run the world. Reminiscing of the honeymoon spent on a magic spot, accessible by water only and now infamous for a high-profile double-murder.

Winter and warm
Past my mid-forties, celebrating with the immediate family, near the desert.

Merry Christmas!