Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BIM = The ArtS AND ScienceS of making buildings

Middle daughter is contemplating going down the route of studying architecture in the future, so with husband they discuss the list of subjects she’d need to take while still at high school to be able to apply.
I’m in two minds about whether I should en-or-dis-courage her, thankfully, (and admirably) at least I do not straight out ‘forbid’ her or indeed any of them to follow a chosen career path.
Unlike their father who has been talking them out of ‘teaching’ from the age they started role-playing.

Architecture requires its practitioners to have both sides of their brains equally well developed. By no means the only profession to do so, still probably one of only a few.
You mention chemistry, physics, geometry and visual-arts in one sentence and not many teenagers will stick around.
You tell them that it takes a lifetime to master the skills needed for one to be a good architect and they’ll think you’re pulling their leg.

While we collectively mulled over this subject, an unexpected answer came to mind, in response to why was it so difficult finding good BIM-mers in the AEC?
Good BIM-mers, (just as good architects) must be equally talented in both arts and sciences to be successful...
And ADD to ‘the injury’: they need to have an aptitude towards IT.
A combination even harder to find.